Wendy Hughes Wendy Hughes - Founder Writer
Wendy Hughes is the founder of Walton Wordsmiths and the author of 20 published books. Wendy has had over 1000 articles published and since 1989, has been a Columnist for Ninnau, American-Welsh publication (Ninnau: 'we also' or 'part of')
Wendy is a member and minutes secretary of the Society of Woman Writers and Journalists. She is publicity officer and Membership Secretary of the London Writers Group and in January 2001 took over as joint editor of 'Within the Circle', their quarterly journal. She has had 20 books and over 1000 articles published. Since 1989 she has been a Columnist for Ninnau, and American-Welsh publication (Ninnau: 'we also' or 'part of')
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Sanctimonious Sin
Powers that heal
Wendy has had 20 books published - bibliography For information about Stickler Syndrome and how you can help please click here Stickler Syndrome Support Group
(Founder: Wendy Hughes)
Wendy Hughes hails from south Wales and now lives in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey with her husband. She has two grown up sons.
      She turned to writing as an outlet for her frustrations when ill health and poor vision forced her to give up work at the age of 38 in 1988.
      She writes on a variety of subjects including regional areas of Wales, myths and legends and health matters.
      Wendy also enjoys writing about the quirky side of life, eccentricities and larger than life characters. In fact, said Wendy 'I write about anything that I find fascinating or unusual.'
      Wendy has spent many years campaigning, working and writing on behalf of people affected by Stickler syndrome, a condition from which she herself also suffers. She founded the Stickler Syndrome Support Group and spends a great deal of her time raising awareness of the condition amongst the medical profession.       In addition Wendy also presents talks and instructs on the craft of writing.
      She also enjoys listening to New Orleans/Dixieland Jazz and travelling as well as visiting Neolithic and Iron Age sites, and has been studying the History of Medicine for the past eight years.
      She is working on a novel set in 2000 BC, her main character being a medicine man, thus combining her two loves - prehistory and medicine.
      Wendy seriously loves writing - she has had 20 non-fiction books published ranging from local histories to a medical book!
      She has also had over 1000 articles published in magazines as diverse as The Lady, Funeral Service Journal, On The Road, 3rd Stone, Celtic Connections, as well as, for the last five years, a regular column in Ninnau, an American/Welsh newspaper for Welsh ex-patriots.
      Wendy is the Founder of Walton Wordsmiths.

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